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Novedades Windows Mobile Download the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 for HTC P3300 Artemis

On 31/10/2008 the official update to Windows Mobile 6 for HTC P3300 (HTC Artemis also called) became unavailable in the manufacturer's website. However, if you have this particular computer (HTC P3300, Spanish language), yet have installed the Windows Mobile 5 that brought the factory, and want to upgrade to version 6, you can download the update right here .

Windows Mobile Professional HTC P3300
HTC P3300 Windows Mobile Professional

This is the description that HTC made this update, and conditions of use:

By upgrading your HTC device to Windows Mobile® 6 you'll be reliable to take advantage of the new and improved features That will help you do more when you 're on the move. With Windows Mobile® 6 you can:

  • Stay connected to your e-mail, calendar, and contacts.
  • Be productive read and compose Microsoft Word Mobile files, make Microsoft Excel Mobile charts, and view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • Find what you need Quickly and Easily Including business listings, maps and directions with Windows Mobile's powerful search and filtering features.
  • Get access to corporate networks for data and documents stored on file shares and SharePoint sites.
  • Fit your style with a variety of designs ranging from touch screen devices with slide out keyboards to sleek full-keyboard smartphones or compact flip phones.
  • Now Receive HTML e-mail support, improved security and encryption, greater integration with Microsoft products Including direct SharePoint® intranet access from e-mail links and superior connectivity to Windows Vista ™.

This software is provided for use only with, you and for licensed end users of, the HTC P3300. Use of the software is subject to Accompanying end user license agreement. Any other use of esta software is Strictly prohibited and May subject to legal action you.

I have translated the instructions could be found with the download in the support section of the website of HTC:

Before you begin, make sure that this software version is newer than the currently installed on your computer. If it is the same version and your device is operating normally, there is no need to reinstall the software.

To check what version is installed on your computer, click Start> Settings> Device Information> Version tab, and note the verion of ROM, CPU and radio.


  • This is a generic software update. Any additional software or settings provided for your mobile operator or seller will be lost. If you need these customizations, please contact your supplier first before upgrading.
  • Please note that this upgrade will erase all data stored on the computer.
  • Please note that upgrading from Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 will result in a loss of support Arabic appearance. The Arab support is not included in Windows Mobile 6 the following devices: HTC P4350, HTC S620, HTC TyTN, HTC P3300, HTC X7500.
  • Please make a backup of your data before upgrading your computer.

Before you run the ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU, Rom Update Utility), and make sure that you check the following:

  • The USB sync cable connects your device and PC. If your PC is running Windows XP, ActiveSync automatically establishes a connection. If your PC is running Windows Vista, then the Windows Mobile Device Center will establish a connection between your device and PC.
  • All applications in your device have been closed.
  • Make sure the battery level of the device is at least 50% (please tap Start> Settings> System> Power tab).
  • The update may take up to 30 minutes. DO NOT interrupt the update process, make / receive calls, disconnect the device from the PC, or press buttons on the unit until the process is finished.

Once the RUU is downloaded, run the application on your PC and follow the instructions.

The process is simple and does not cause danger if the instructions above are followed. Remember to make a backup of your data, and do not try to restore the programs that you had installed from a backup, normally instaladlos better again.

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