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Análisis Palm MyUAE, the Amiga emulator for PalmOS

The amount of existing emulators for PalmOS is certainly impressive. We have already seen through these programs can play in our Palm to games consoles from Nintendo and Sega , or use the PDA as a scientific calculator HP high end . But there are many emulators most historically famous platforms, as we saw in this extensive list of emulators for PalmOS . And one of these platforms is the Amiga .

Amiga 500, el equipo más vendido de la familia Amiga
Amiga 500, the team's best selling Amiga family

Friend is a family of personal computers developed Amiga Corporation. The development of the Amiga began in 1982 and Commodore International introduced the machine on the market in 1985 after buying the Amiga Corporation. Interestingly, the developers chose the name "Friend" precisely because the Spanish word (female partner).

The code name for what would be the first Amiga 1000 was "Lorraine" with Motorola MC68000 microprocessor to 7.14 MHz, 768Kb of RAM (expandable to up to 8 Mb) and 256Kb ROM. The machine equipping its own chipset with advanced audio and video capabilities, and a pre-emptive conmultitarea operating system (now known as AmigaOS).

Although motorola processor is 32 bits, the first Amiga models used an external data bus of 16 bits, so it was considered a 16-bit machine as the Atari ST. Later models of Amiga, based on more modern, or even PowerPC processors 68k, yes were 32 bits.

Friend was a big leap forward from the computers of 8 bits, for example, Commodore 64, and quickly became popular, mainly in Europe. It is prominently used for video-related control and business vision tasks, being a cheaper alternative to the PC and Macintosh from the time alternative.

When Commodore went bankrupt in 1994, there was still a very active Amiga community, which continued supporting the platform long after the abandon major vendors. The most popular magazine Amiga, the Amiga Format, continued to publish editions until 2000, six years after the demise of Commodore. The interest in the platform is still enough to keep a weekly column in the specialized British magazine Micro Mart.

Currently there is enough demand in Amiga hardware expansion to exist some manufacturers pequeñaos active. After the disappearance of Commodore, many companies have continued to sell the Amiga new models. Currently, Eyetech Amiga hardware sold under the AmigaOne brand.

The success of Amiga was such that people like Andy Warhol or Steven Spielberg's used to his creations . Series like Babylon 5, SeaQuest DSV or Max Headroom had its special effects by computers Amiga.

There are many websites dedicated to the Amiga, as there are still many users of these teams hoping the likely launch of the Amiga OS4.0 and new equipment. For example we highlight , AmigaWorld and Spanish Friend Zone , where in addition to other content, you can download all the games for the Amiga.

Escritorio de AmigaOS, realmente adelantado a su tiempo
Desktop AmigaOS, really ahead of its time

Both lovers of this platform, as those who have never tried one and want to investigate it, can compensate for the lack of one of these machines using the emulator WinUAE or WinFellow . But what concerns us today is that there is excellent Amiga emulator for PalmOS, the MyUAE , creators of the versions of Quake , Doom and Duke Nukem 3D for PalmOS.

Simulador de un F29 corriendo en MyUAE, en una Palm
Simulator running on a F29 MyUAE in a Palm

Supports MyUAE support for keyboard, mouse and virtual joystick, can save and restore, and has sound (though this is an aspect that is being improved). Need PalmOS 5.x (ARM processor) and a lot of dynamic memory (UDMH). It has been tested successfully on Tungsten T3, Zodiac 1 and Zodiac 2.

We can see the AmigaOS running on a Palm in these videos a user has recorded and uploaded to YouTube:

In this other video even shows us how haconfigurado the UDMH and MyUAE so that everything works perfectly. We can also see the virtual keyboard, which is accurate to a Friend:

It is certainly an achievement to run software written for the Amiga PC, so make it work on a Palm is something really amazing. Do not miss this chance to try it.

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